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North Carolina Education Attorneys

Tharrington Smith has been a partner to public education in North Carolina for forty years. No other law firm in North Carolina can claim the depth and breadth of experience in school law found at Tharrington Smith. Our attorneys specialize in the unique legal needs of educational institutions, supporting our clients through the day-to-day challenges of providing public education in a complex legal and political landscape. We serve as general counsel for numerous North Carolina school systems, offering special expertise in public and open meetings law, personnel, student services and discipline, civil rights, special education disputes, contracts and public bidding, school funding disputes, school construction and renovation. We provide specialized litigation services to public school clients and their insurers across the state. 

Our attorneys, many of whom have been educators or have educators in their families, have a passion for representing schools and educators of our state, and have dedicated their careers to the practice of education law. The unique focus of our education law team allows us to provide well-rounded, experienced representation to educational institutions and school boards statewide. We provide efficient, cost effective, creative solutions balancing the needs of the entire school community while maintaining solid legal foundations for school boards to rely upon. Since 1978, we have served as general counsel to the Wake County Board of Education and the North Carolina School Boards Association. Our lawyers have assisted more than 100 school systems across the state with their legal needs. 

We also work jointly with local attorneys to provide specialized legal support to numerous school systems when difficult challenges arise. Our education attorneys have represented several community colleges and private schools in litigation and other matters. 

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North Carolina Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys

IRS criminal tax evasion investigations are on the rise in North Carolina and across the country. We are experienced federal and state criminal tax fraud defense attorneys. We have defended countless criminal tax evasion cases. Criminal tax defense has been a unique focus of the firm’s criminal defense practice for more than twenty years. He focuses a significant portion of his practice on the defense of criminal tax accusations brought by the North Carolina Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service. 

We serve clients in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and throughout the entire state of North Carolina/NC with both IRS criminal investigations and North Carolina Department of Revenue criminal investigations. We assist and represent businesses and taxpayers across the country in IRS criminal investigations. NC Tax Fraud Defense – We can provide the legal guidance that you need. The IRS may encourage you to make a voluntary disclosure. We encourage you to seek the advice of a North Carolina criminal tax lawyer before making any statements to the IRS. 

Our Defense Network. We work with forensic accountants, former IRS and Department of Revenue agents and other professionals to develop your best defense to a criminal tax charge. Whether you are the subject of a criminal tax investigation, or are concerned that you might be in the future, you should consult with an experienced North Carolina criminal attorney immediately. 

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Woodmansee & Szombatfalvy

With nearly 30 years’ combined experience in family law, Julie Woodmansee and Barbara Szombatfalvy have represented hundreds of individuals facing divorce. They bring a thorough knowledge of the law and years of practical experience to every client’s case, and they’re passionate about helping clients successfully navigate the difficult transition of divorce. They are also seasoned trial attorneys, effectively representing their clients in court when a negotiated settlement isn’t possible. Most people want to spend their funds wisely, avoid unnecessary conflict, and reach a resolution in a reasonable time frame. Barbara and Julie take a practical, efficient approach to solving problems, and they carefully evaluate options for cost and effectiveness. 

They use strong negotiation, mediation, and advocacy skills to help clients achieve their goals, avoiding whenever possible the need for expensive, time-consuming litigation. Julie and Barbara are devoted to client service, and they’re dedicated to the success of each client. That means taking the time to understand each client’s unique circumstances and being readily available to discuss developments and answer questions. It means explaining the legal process so that you can make informed decisions and know what to expect. It also means being up-front about fees and costs and honestly evaluating your legal case and your goals and expectations. 

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