Raleigh NC Divorce News for 07-02-2018

Board member of the NC Association of Professional Family Mediators, and member NC Bar. As a Divorce and Superior Court Mediator, Psychologist, and Parenting Coordinator, Dr. Masiello’s family mediation services include specialization in high conflict divorce matters. In contested custody cases, custody placement is determined by the best interests of the child. An order for custody of a minor child entered pursuant to this section shall award the custody of such child to such person, agency, organization or institution as will best promote the interest and welfare of the child. 

An order for custody of a minor child may grant joint custody to the parents, exclusive custody to one person, agency, organization, or institution, or grant custody to two or more persons, agencies, organizations, or institutions. Absent an order of the court to the contrary, each parent shall have equal access to the records of the minor child involving the health, education, and welfare of the child. An order for custody of a minor child may provide visitation rights for any grandparent of the child as the court, in its discretion, deems appropriate. Under no circumstances shall a biological grandparent of a child adopted by adoptive parents, neither of whom is related to the child and where parental rights of both biological parents have been terminated, be entitled to visitation rights. An order for custody of a minor child may provide for such child to be taken outside of the State, but if the order contemplates the return of the child to this State, the judge may require the person, agency, organization or institution having custody out of this State to give bond or other security conditioned upon the return of the child to this State in accordance with the order of the court. 

If, within a reasonable time, one parent fails to consent to adoption pursuant to Chapter 48 of the General Statutes or parental rights have not been terminated, the consent of the other consenting parent shall not be effective in an action for custody of the child. An order for custody of a minor child may provide for visitation rights by electronic communication. Electronic communication with a minor child may be used to supplement visitation with the child. 

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Politics & Government, Dark-money groups targeting GOP lawmakers tied to Dem lawyer

RALEIGH, N.C. A North Carolina television station has tracked down who’s responsible for a series of ads by dark-money groups attacking state Republicans online and on TV. WRAL reports that the advocacy groups have ties to Michael Weisel, a Democratic elections lawyer prominent on the political left in the state. The groups, named Fair Courts NC, NC Common Ground and Aim Higher Now, have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on television ads, Facebook ads and mailers, and by law, they don’t have to reveal their donors. Both Republicans and Democrats use these so-called dark-money groups. 

During U.S. Sen. Richard Burr’s 2016 re-election race against a spirited Democratic challenger, he benefited from more than $10 million in television ads paid for by a super PAC with hidden donors and ties to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, as well as the PAC’s nonprofit arm. Federal tax laws allow these and similar groups to keep their funding secret because they’re treated as social welfare organizations that engage in politics as a secondary activity. The Fair Courts group has been funding Facebook ads for months, targeting Republican North Carolina legislators over judicial changes pushed by the GOP majority in Raleigh. 

NC Common Ground is behind Facebook ads targeting state legislators on environmental issues. The group’s ads also went on television recently in the Greensboro area against a trio of Republican legislators. These two groups, and a third one called Aim Higher Now, all track back to North Carolina Citizens for Protecting Our Schools, a nonprofit that dates to at least 2011. The group filed paperwork in May to create assumed names for its campaigns. Weisel declined to comment, beyond saying that the groups are in compliance with the law. 

Laurenz declined to comment on NC Citizens or its associated groups, referring questions to Weisel. 

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Raleigh Family Law News for 06-28-2018

Parker Herring Law Group, PLLC. If you’re currently the guardian of a child, there are some legal protections that you don’t have that a family adoption will ensure for you. The relative adoption process in North Carolina is much easier to complete than a traditional infant adoption – but you’ll still need an adoption lawyer to walk you through the process. We can help you collect the legal documents you need for a relative adoption in N.C., determine whether you need to complete any home studies or background screenings and finalize your adoption of a family member. Yes – a relative adoption is considered as any adoption where a minor child is placed with their grandparent, sibling, first cousin, aunt, uncle, great-aunt, great-uncle or great-grandparent. 

Change the child’s name in the adoption process. In addition to the legal benefits of adopting a relative, the permanency of adoption can provide emotional benefits to the child you’re adopting. Because you are related to the child you want to adopt, the laws regarding your adoption are much less strict than they are for unrelated adoptive parents. In most cases, the only people who have to consent to the adoption will be the child’s legal parents – usually their biological mother and father. In many North Carolina relative adoption cases, the adopting relatives already have custody or guardianship of the child, so the consent of the parents may not be necessary or will have already been given. 

After the original adoption petition is filed, the adoption decree will usually be issued within six months. If you work with us, we will answer your questions about the law and adoption process, help you assess risks involved, clarify your options and develop a legally secure plan for your adoption. From premarital agreements to adoptions, Alice can handle any of your family law needs. 

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