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The Franklin Law Center applies a team-based approach to facilitate resolutions to family law conflict. We do understand that settlement is not possible in every case and are always prepared to assert the legal rights of our clients in court. At The Franklin Law Center, we compliment the strength and experience one would expect of a large firm with the diligence and personalized attention of a small practice. Our team understands the importance of carefully guiding clients through a fair and accurate accounting of the facts and relevant financials of their respective case. Susan R. 

FranklinMs. Franklin focuses in cooperative resolutions to family law conflict. Robin F. VerhoevenMs. Verhoeven provides a strong, determined disposition to the Franklin Law Center’s multifaceted approach to family law conflict resolution. 

Ms. Verhoeven supports the efforts of our team as our clients and their respective cases progress through negotiation and then she truly excels when our clients need to assert and protect their rights in court. We understand the challenges that separation, divorce, and family law conflict can place upon an individual and their family. Ultimately, we aim to protect each client’s ability to move forward with a strong financial and emotional foundation. The Franklin Law Center is proud to serve clients throughout the Triangle-area counties of Orange, Chatham, Wake, and Durham. 

Our clients can rely on us for determined, diligent, and compassionate representation in matters relating to separation and divorce, property division, child custody, and child support,as well as other family law related legal matters. PLLC represents clients in divorce and other family law matters in North Carolina. 

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Raleigh Criminal Defense Lawyer

You could face charges, be convicted of those charges and face the harshest possible consequences. The best choice you can make is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney dedicated to defending your freedom and who knows the prosecutors, judges, and court procedures in Wake County. A Raleigh criminal defense lawyer from Coolidge Law Firm can represent you on any criminal charge before Wake County courts, from speeding to drug charges to murder. Whether your case calls for negotiating with prosecutors for reduced charges or diversion, challenging evidence so that your charges are dropped, or arguing to a jury for your acquittal, we zealously represent your rights throughout the criminal process. We represent clients on state charges in Wake County and federal charges throughout much of North Carolina, including in Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Morrisville, Wendell, Rolesville, Wake Forest, Holly Springs, and Garner. 

A person can face state or federal charges in Wake County. If accused of state charges, you will have a first appearance in District Court at the Wake County Justice Center. Federal charges will be heard in a U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of North Carolina. As a licensed federal criminal defense attorney, he can represent you on any federal charges, including drug offenses, fraud, and child pornography charges. 

The college life can be rewarding but it also offers numerous temptations that can often lead to criminal charges. As trial attorneys, we always exhaust all possible avenues to have your charges dismissed. Do not face the daunting task of defending yourself against criminal charges. 

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Immigration Attorney Raleigh |Immigration Lawyer NC

Omar then went on to receive a law degree from Ohio State University. Upon obtaining his law degree Omar returned to North Carolina and began practicing law. Omar’s law practice focuses exclusively on the area of immigration and nationality law. Omar has been practicing immigration law for more than ten years. His law firm has a collective experience of over twenty years. 

Omar Baloch utilizes his experience with immigration law to counsel his clients on domestic immigration policies whether they are individuals or corporations seeking to hire foreign workers. In the past, he has met and spoken about immigration law with various local human resource departments and corporate executives. He is a member of the District of Columbia Bar Association and began working at the Law Offices of Omar Baloch, PLLC in 2011 as an associate attorney. Nigel’s immigration law practice is focused on deportation defense before the immigration courts, U Visa Petitions, BIA Appeals, family based immigrant petitions such as marriage cases, and waiver petitions at the US embassies and consulates abroad such as the US Embassy and USCIS in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Prior to working as an associate with the Law Offices of Omar Baloch, Nigel’s experience involved civil rights law and civil litigation. 

Hassan serves as of counsel to the Law Offices of Omar Baloch and is a managing partner of the The Hassan M Ahmad Law Firm. Hassan’s practice is focused in the areas of immigration law and criminal defense, with a considerably developed niche in the areas of deportation, removal, and the immigration consequences of criminal. 

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Cary Close Family Law

Cary Close is a Raleigh native, mother of three, and veteran family lawyer. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Campbell Law School, where she was a member of Law Review and the Moot Court team. For nearly 25 years, Cary has helped divorcing spouses navigate the often frightening and confusing journey that begins with marital separation. An experienced and passionate litigator, Cary will fight for her clients in court when settlement is not an option. Cary is also a certified Family Financial Mediator who is frequently asked by other family lawyers to help resolve their clients’ cases out of court. 

Kelly Smith began practicing law in Raleigh in 2013 and joined Close Family Law in 2015. She earned her B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her J.D. from Elon University School of Law. When not practicing law, Kelly enjoys cooking and spending time with her husband and son. 

Pamela made the Raleigh area home in 1993 and shortly thereafter began her career in law. In 2004, she became a North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal and her journey into the world of family law began. With almost 20 years of exclusive work in family law, Pamela has extensive experience working with clients from the very beginning steps of separation through the entry of the final divorce judgment. Pamela’s experience also includes serving as the co-author of Practical Skills For North Carolina Family Law Paralegals, a much-used paralegal guide published by the North Carolina Sate Bar Association. 

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