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Going through separation and divorce is most often a very difficult and complex process, legally, emotionally, and financially. Nicholas J Dombalis II has been representing parties going through the divorce process for over 35 years. In some cases, the process can be as simple as obtaining an absolute divorce for a client. Whether simple or complex, Mr. Dombalis wants each of his clients to know that he understands how difficult the divorce process is and that he will do all that he can to professionally guide and support them through the process. 

It is important that every party fully understand the implications of a divorce. Mr. Dombalis will take the time to explain the law as it relates to the divorce issues so as to insure that every client fully understands his or her rights and liabilities arising from the separation and divorce. Mr. Dombalis understands and believes that in most cases it is preferable for all of the divorce issues to be resolved amicably with a separation agreement and property settlement. 

Mr. Dombalis’ has extensive experience in negotiating separation agreements and property settlements, has knowledge of the law, and has the ability to recognize issues which should be addressed in such separation agreements. There are situations in which a separation and property settlement agreement is not an option in resolving the divorce issues. The parties will be required to participate in mediation in an effort to resolve the divorce issues. If mediation is unsuccessful, the judge assigned to the case will conduct a trial and make a decision for the parties as to the various divorce issues. 

Please contact Mr. Dombalis if you would like to set up an appointment to discuss your separation or divorce. 

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Guirguis Law, PA – Raleigh and Durham Immigration and Criminal Law – Attorney

Guirguis Law, PA is a Raleigh law firm focusing in the areas of criminal, immigration, civil, and family law. We have a passion for the law, a drive to seek balance for justice, a desire to represent and defend clients in need, and a mission to treat every client with respect. Driven by a powerful faith, backed up by a commitment to hard work and a desire to succeed for our clients. At Guirguis Law,we have a passion for the law, a drive to seek balance for justice, a desire to represent and defend clients. Whether you are in need of representation in federal, state or local matters, the team of Guirguis Law is ready to provide strong representation backed by tireless effort on your behalf. 

We are here to help people in need and to treat every client with respect. Driven by a powerful faith, backed up by a commitment to hard work and a desire to succeed for our clients, we serve people in the Raleigh area needing help in the areas of immigration, criminal law, family law and civil law. Our focus on client satisfaction means we make every effort to be available. We are driven by a strong spiritual faith, and treat all clients with the respect they deserve. We provide representation for all matters of criminal law, immigration law, family law, and civil law. 

Let Our Hard Work Help You Contact the Guirguis Law office in Raleigh, North Carolina, and take advantage of our initial consultation to discuss how our office can work toward solving your legal troubles. Thanks for your interest in Guirguis Law and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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Movoto gives you access to the most up-to-the-minute real estate information in Raleigh. Raleigh is a great place to find a job, particularly in the health, technology, and education industries. Raleigh has a lower unemployment rate than North Carolina’s other major metropolitan areas, making it a great place to find a job. Wake County’s strong public school system, low crime rates, great job opportunities, and plenty of activities for kids make Raleigh a great place for families. Parks can be found all over Raleigh along with other great spots for outdoor recreation. 

For sports fans, Raleigh is home to the Carolina Hurricanes, several renowned NCAA college sports teams, and the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame. Raleigh is a great place to live because of its big-city culture blended with southern tradition. Raleigh has a growing economy and a great family-friendly atmosphere that makes it a great place to call home. Raleigh residents are thriving in the city’s encouraging environment, finding fulfilling work and countless activities for play and recreation throughout the beautiful Raleigh area. Raleigh has a truly unique culture with diverse neighborhoods that are a great fit for whatever living environment you are looking for. 

Raleigh has historic, family-oriented neighborhoods and downtown districts that are great for people seeking the energy of the big city. With so many great things to offer, Raleigh could be the next great place for you to call home. 

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