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As time has passed, laws have changed to reflect new cultural viewpoints about parenting. It is generally considered that both parents have equal rights to their children under current state law. As more women are involved in the workforce, parents often take equal responsibility for their children. Faither is failing to pay court ordered child support payments. The best interests of the child are the focus of the court, and when actions by the father are not in accordance, they can face legal repercussions. 

Every child deserves the support of both his or her parents, and when this is not occurring, legal actions can be taken to force the father to come through with the necessary support to help raise the child. Our Raleigh family law attorneys are committed to protecting mothers in all types of family law issues, and have a personal commitment to protecting their rights, no matter what situation they are facing. If you are accused of being an unfit person in a divorce case, have a Raleigh family lawyer from our firm by your side who will protect you from losing your children. Without defending accusations, you actually could lose custody, even when the accusations against you are unfounded. These matters are some of the most emotional and difficult that can be encountered and should be addressed by an attorney who is willing to stand up for your rights and challenge any effort to take your children away from you. 

At Hopper, Hopper & Mulligan, PLLC, we are here to protect your rights, and will provide personal legal support to you and your children throughout the process. Contact our firm for personal legal counsel on matters regarding your rights. 

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NC cremation law: Apex couple sent twins’ fetal remains to Virginia

An Apex couple who wanted to have the remains of their stillborn twin daughters cremated together despite a N.C. law forbidding it have solved their problem by going out of state. Christensen said he and his wife, Kristin, sent the remains of Kadence and Olivia to Virginia to be cremated and then brought back to North Carolina. State law here specifically prohibits the cremation of more than one set of human remains at a time. It’s a common rule across the nation, designed to protect consumers from the unintended commingling of the remains of loved ones. 

Some states, including Virginia, allow exceptions to the rule with written permission from the person authorizing the cremation. The issue could arise in the case of aborted or miscarried multiple fetuses, for example, or with family members whose deaths occurred in close succession. In the Christensens’ case, it was the couple’s first pregnancy, and the babies shared a single amniotic sac. They died in utero at 22 weeks and were surgically removed last week. When the family contacted a funeral home to arrange a joint cremation, they were told no funeral home in North Carolina could legally provide the service. 

UNC Healthcare agreed to hold the remains until the family could find a solution. Christensen said the end of the pregnancy, followed by the battle over the babies’ remains, had been one of the most difficult experiences of the couple’s lives. He said he hopes that North Carolina legislators, who have promised fix the law, will do so. 

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Christian Church Directory

If you are looking for a church – look no further… Whether you are relocating to a new community, visiting for business or pleasure, or looking for a church home in your community, we can help you find the right church where you can grow spiritually and worship God in the manner you choose. If you are a leader of a Christian Church or Worshiping Community, please take a moment to make sure your church is listed and that the contact information is current. It only takes a few minutes to list your church, so don’t wait – register your Christian Community today! Christian Holidays: Saint Vladimir – is on Jun 15, 2018Saints Peter and Paul – is on Jun 29, 2018St. 

The true power of the Internet is still being fully discovered but one thing has remained constant… to get yourself known, you MUST have as many Internet links to your church or community with as much relevant information as possible. If you want people to find your church, you need to enter it into our directory. It costs nothing to list your Christian community here and every page includes your church’s location, contacts, services, activities, photos, social networking links, location map and much more. Visit a church listing below to see what it looks like. 

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