Scams Targeting Older North Carolinians Keep Coming

As North Carolina’s older population grows, so do opportunities for unscrupulous people to run scams. A conference at Wake Tech on Wednesday addresses several topics related to spotting and preventing elder abuse. Russell Joseph Mutter, 49, a financial adviser from Clemmons, stood accused this week of taking more than $900,000 from the retirement accounts of three men, ages 66, 69 and 78, while bound by law to represent their interests, according to indictments in the case. In a phone interview Thursday, North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall cited the kinds of charges brought against Mutter, first reported by Winston-Salem Journal, as examples of the sort of elder financial abuse that remains common despite the best efforts of government, nonprofits and some businesses. Estimated as costing older people more than $36 billion annually across the country, those who practice this kind of fraud are constantly devising new techniques in operations, in recent cases even as some were pursued by the Secretary of State’s cease-and-desist orders from the United Kingdom to Dubai. 

Potential investors or concerned people should call the Secretary of State’s securities hotline at 800-688-4507 to make sure that any broker, adviser or investment offering is registered. In the Forsyth County case, defendant Mutter is accused of 12 felony counts, four each of investment advisor fraud, financial exploitation, and obtaining property by false pretense. No one returned a message left Thursday by NC Health News at the offices of his firm, RJM Investments. According to the indictments, Mutter was acting as an adviser to the retirement-aged men when he took money from their accounts for his own use. The partnership of public and nonprofit agencies also aims to increase government support of Adult Protective Services offices. 

State law mandates an APS function for every county, but leaves funding to county government. Marshall will be pushing, a website that allows consumers to identify fake overseas pharmacies and avoid their counterfeit and potentially deadly products. 

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Rew support north carolina lgbt law Carnegie, I must ask the loan of a volume from your private library. Roundup of hb2 fact checks north carolina’s controversial new lgbt law. Bryant support north carolina lgbt law join a list of republican governors who are being squeezed between the. Ncaa to move 7 championships from north carolina due to hb2 law. North carolina amendment 1 often referred to as simply amendment 1 was a legislatively referred constitutional amendment in north carolina that until overruled in. 

Donald trump says he now supports north carolina s anti-lgbt law, despite having criticized the legislation months ago. When republicans in north carolina s general assembly decided to pass a law preventing cities from barring lgbt discrimination, creating transgender bathroom. Hundreds rallied to defend north carolina law limiting protections for ; while across the street, 100 people held counter protest. Q a helps explain the law passed by the north carolina legislature that reverses a charlotte ordinance that had extended some rights to people who are gay or transgender. The north carolina state legislature has passed a law blocking local governments from passing anti-discrimination rules to grant protections to gay and. 

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Family Law Practice in Raleigh, NC

Family law is complex and covers a wide array of topics. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the various services offered by Raleigh Law Center’s experienced attorneys. Family Law Litigation: To settle a case through mediation or collaborative divorce, both parties need to be willing to compromise. Not all cases resolve amicably and you can easily end up in high conflict family law litigation. The hardest part of family law litigation is having your family scrutinized and under a microscope as the parties pick one another apart in court. 

The best weapon against these attacks is a seasoned, experienced family law attorney who can prepare you and your family for the trials and tribulations of complex litigation. Raleigh Law Center’s attorneys are trained and experienced in all aspects of family law litigation. The goal of a PC is to keep the parties out of court by enabling the PC to speak with both parties and any other resources and make major decisions for the benefit of a child when the parents cannot agree. Talk with us today to see if Adoption or Termination of Parental Rights is the right fit for your family. Domestic Violence: There are two very distinct aspects of domestic violence: those who are accused of being domestic abusers and those who are the victims of the abuse. 

Domestic Violence seeps into all aspects of your family law case and involves both civil and criminal laws, child protective services and can impact spousal support and child custody. Whether you are accused of domestic violence or the victim of domestic violence, you need experienced counsel who understands all of the nuances of domestic violence to fight for your family, protecting your rights. 

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