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Traffic Tickets can affect your license and drastically increase your insurance. If you fail to properly handle a traffic ticket you could suffer between a 25% and 400% increase in your insurance premiums for three years. Many people simply pay a ticket without consulting with an attorney and find themselves losing their license or suffering great financial hardship. Going to court can be difficult, stressful and time consuming. Our firm is dedicated to providing quality service and accurate information to our clients. 

If you retain our firm you can be assured of obtaining the very best results and the very best service. We can be your advocate in or out of court and take the burden of handling the legal process off of your shoulders so that you can focus on your health, family, or business. Our convenient service allows you to pay over the phone by credit card so that you can be assured that a qualified and experienced professional will appear on your behalf and obtain the best possible result. Having resolved thousands of traffic ticket cases, we remain committed to providing quality legal help at extremely affordable rates and usually without the need for you to go to court. We will happily take the time to go over traffic ticket FAQs and your specific queries, and can energetically assist with the goal of keeping your insurance rates from increasing or getting your license back. 

Our other practice areas include bankruptcy, real estate, personal injury and wills and we offer a free consultation in all of these legal areas. 

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Lisa M. Angel –

She graduated cum laude from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and received her J.D. degree from Wake Forest University School of Law. In 1997, Lisa received the Outstanding Young Lawyer Award for her service as chair of the Domestic Violence Commission for the North Carolina Bar Association’s Young Lawyer Division and, in 2005, was appointed by Governor Easley, no less, to serve as chair for the North Carolina Domestic Violence Commission. Lisa is considered to be an expert on family law issues. Once again you won’t hear her boasting, despite the fact that she is part of Interact’s Speakers’ Bureau and has been a guest lecturer at Duke University School of Law and Campbell Law School. 

Or even though she is an elected member of the Wake County Bar Association Board of Directors and the Council of the Family Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association. Her leadership skills in her field are almost Wonder Woman-esque. Lisa is past president of the Women’s Center of Wake County Board of Directors and the current Co-Chair of Wake County Family Lawyers. She’s a member of the Wake County Volunteer Lawyers Program Advisory Board and Co-Chair and founding board member of Project Together, a Wake County Domestic violence pro bono project. You needn’t worry about Lisa suffering from exhaustion, though. 

She took a three-month sabbatical in 2004 to travel through China and Southeast Asia. Of course, she did spend most of the trip bicycling. 

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Hog farm neighbors win $50 million verdict in nuisance lawsuit

A North Carolina jury awarded $50 million to neighbors of a 15,000-hog farm in Eastern North Carolina in a case being closely watched across the country by environmentalists and the hog farm industry. The verdict, revealed late Thursday after a jury deliberated less than two days, is the first to come in a series of federal lawsuits filed against Murphy-Brown/Smithfield Foods, the world’s largest pork producer. In this case decided in a federal courtroom in Raleigh, 10 neighbors contended that industrial-scale hog operations have known for decades that the open-air sewage pits on their properties were the source of noxious, sickening and overwhelming odors. The stench was so thick, the neighbors argued, that it was impossible to get it out of their clothes. A team of lawyers began crafting the legal argument in 2014. 

They argued such a practice presented a public nuisance and went after the pork producers. Smithfield Foods was bought in 2013 by China’s WH Group, the world’s largest pork producer. The company has not changed its method of disposal since the 1980s and ’90s. Attorneys for the neighbors argued that waste treatment methods had evolved and the pork production operations in Eastern North Carolina have not changed their methods because it keeps operational costs lower than in China. Attorneys for the hog farm operators cautioned against heralding new technology that had not been tested or proven effective in this state. 

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Close Family Law Revenue

Close Family Law’s Income Statement Recession Risk Determine whether Close Family Law grew or shrank during the last recession. This is useful in estimating the financial strength and credit risk of the company. Compare how recession-proof Close Family Law is relative to the industry overall. While a new recession may strike a particular industry, measuring the industry and company’s robustness during the last recession estimates its ability to weather future recessions. Market Share of Competition: Close Family Law vs. 

Largest Competitors A competitive analysis shows these companies are in the same general field as Close Family Law, even though they may not compete head-to-head. These are the largest companies by revenue. They may not have the largest market share in this industry if they have diversified into other business lines. Competitive advantage comes from offering better pricing or superior products/service. Nearby CompetitorsThese companies are similar in business line and location to Close Family Law. 

While some companies compete with neighboring businesses for customers, other companies may compete to attract skilled employees. Similar Sized Companies near Raleigh These are similar in size and location to Close Family Law. Companies may grow organically or through acquisition. In some cases apparently high growth rates may be caused by data that weren’t available in previous years. 

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