NC Theatre

Active in the development of new musicals, she has directed for festivals such as the New York Music Theatre Festival and the National Alliance for Musical Theatre. Melanie joined NC Theatre in 2011 as Director of Development. Angela joined the Sales & Marketing team at NC Theatre in 2014, after working as a State Bar Certified Paralegal in Durham for many years. Prior to NC Theatre, Jessica spent several years working for marketing communications agencies in the Triangle where she developed fully-integrated marketing campaigns for clients in a variety of industries ranging from higher education to financial services to healthcare. Dawn wholeheartedly believes in the ability of performing arts to build bridges between class and cultures and is excited to join the NC Theatre family. 

Tricia has been the Business Manager with NC Theatre since January 2005. Before joining the NC Theatre team, she worked for public relations/communications agencies in the Triangle where she managed multiple accounts and executed daily tasks including media relations, social media management, digital marketing, advertising and more. Shannon first joined the NC Theatre team in April of 2014 as a part-time sales associate in the Call Center after moving to Raleigh in November of 2013. Christopher joined NC Theatre as Administrative Assitant/Office Manager at the beginning of 2015. He demonstrated his commitment to NC Theatre and passion for musical theatre as an ace development intern for NCT and also as a member of the sales team at the Call Center. 

Alexandra started her work in Corporate and Group Sales for NC Theatre in July 2017. In addition to her work at NC Theatre, she also works part-time for the North Carolina Symphony as a Box Office Associate. 

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AG Jeff Sessions Brings Back “Just say no” to Addiction Prevention

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions stopped in Raleigh on Tuesday to discuss the rising number of opioid overdoses and deaths, and what his office is doing to curb the crisis. He announced several changes and new tools to combat the drug addiction problem. Sessions noted that treatment, prevention and law enforcement efforts will all see funding increases. Sessions announced that Tuesday morning, law enforcement across West Virginia, Ohio and Michigan seized enough fentanyl to kill a quarter of a million people. 

Sessions stressed the importance of this type of collaboration between law enforcement agencies to combat the opioid epidemic. The Drug Enforcement Agency is now collaborating with 48 attorneys general, including North Carolina’s Josh Stein, to share prescription drug information with one another, Sessions said. The DEA collects about 80 million transaction reports from drug manufacturers every year containing information such as distribution and inventory numbers, Sessions explained. The DEA will share that with the attorneys general offices, and in turn, the states will provide their own data from their various prescription drug monitoring programs. This kind of data is crucial for catching rogue physicians and pharmacies, Sessions said. 

Session said the DOJ is using a new data analytics tool called the opioid fraud and detection unit to detect opioid-related health care fraud. The indictment says that about 700 of the clinic patients are dead, in no small part due to the drugs they were prescribed by the clinic. Sessions announced that the DEA will begin reducing the number of opioids a company can produce if there is evidence pills are being diverted or misused. 

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North Carolina Protective Order Violation Laws

In North Carolina, restraining orders are referred to as protective orders and are usually associated with incidents of domestic violence or harassment and stalking. If you are being accused of violating a protective order, you can feel that no one is on your side. We’ve handled cases of domestic violence protective order violations and stalking protective order violations. For advice on what you can expect after a violation of a protective order charge or arrest, and how we can defend you. You should have received notice of the protective order either in court or delivered to your home. 

Penalties for Violation of a Protective Order in NC. Generally speaking, if no other crime takes place in the commission of the act that violates the protective order, this offense is a Class A1 misdemeanor punishable by up to 12 months in jail. If another crime is committed when you violate the protective order, its punishment will be elevated due to the violation. If you violate a protective order to commit an assault that is normally considered a Class H felony, you will be charged with a Class G felony, potentially doubling your possible prison sentence. A common misconception is that if you are innocent of the original charge that warranted the protective order, you do not have to abide by its terms. 

If the court enters a protective order, even a temporary one issued prior to trial, you must abide by its terms regardless of your guilt or innocence. If you are accused of a violation of a protection/protective order, our North Carolina criminal defense lawyers will make sure your interests are represented. Call us for a consultation on your North Carolina protective order violation today. 

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