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N.C. Industrial Commission Compliance and Fraud Investigative Division

To work with businesses operating in North Carolina to ensure compliance with the Workers’ Compensation Act’s requirement to maintain adequate insurance and enforce the rules and regulations of the North Carolina Industrial Commission. The Compliance Unit handles civil cases involving employers who are operating as non-insured employers in violation of N.C. Gen. Stat. An employer is considered non-insured if the employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, is not self-insured, or cannot cover the medical costs and compensation due to the injured worker. 

The Compliance Unit investigates referrals to determine whether or not an employer is in compliance. The Compliance Section consists of a Director, an Assistant Director, five compliance officers, two compliance examiners, one compliance assistant, and two paralegals. The mission of the Fraud Investigative Unit is to serve the citizens of North Carolina by investigating potential criminal violations of the Workers’ Compensation Act and ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations in a manner that fosters confidence in the Workers’ Compensation system and compliance with the law. The Fraud Investigative Unit operates as a law enforcement agency and is responsible for conducting criminal investigations into cases of suspected workers’ compensation fraud and violations related to workers’ compensation claims involving employees, employers, insurers, health care providers, attorneys, and vocational rehabilitation providers. Fraud Investigators investigate all criminal complaints filed with the Industrial Commission regarding failure of employers to maintain workers’ compensation insurance (N.C. 

Gen. Stat. 97-94(d , fraud on the part of employees with regard to the collection or obtaining of workers’ compensation benefits (N.C. Gen. Stat. 97-88.2), fraud on the part of employers with regard to payment or collection of workers’ compensation premiums from employees’ salaries (N.C. Gen. 

Stat. 97-21), medical payment fraud, and any other claims arising out of violations of Chapter 97 by employees or employers. The Section shares information and otherwise collaborates with other state agencies, including the Departments of Revenue, Labor, and Insurance, and the Division of Employment Security, to identify businesses that improperly classify their employees as independent contractors, a practice that puts workers at risk, puts ethical business at a competitive disadvantage, and deprives the state of significant revenue. 

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Pettigrew Family Papers, 1776-1926

Collection Overview Information For Users Subject Headings Related Collections Biographical Information Four generations of the Pettigrew family carved three plantations out of the swampy lands between Lake Phelps and the Scuppernong River in Washington and Tyrrell counties, N.C. While there were Pettigrew women who led productive and interesting lives, the family’s history is dominated by fathers and sons. Starting out from Scotland, James Pettigrew arrived in Pennsylvania, but soon moved on, first to Virginia, and then to Granville County, N.C. Ever restless, he continued his southward journey, finally settling in Charleston and the Abbeville district of South Carolina. Around 1809, the family, in an effort to claim Huguenot origins, changed its name to Petigru, and, under this name, became prominent in Charleston society. 

James’s son Charles Pettigrew did not choose to move south, and settled instead around Edenton, N.C. Charles established his branch of the family in eastern North Carolina near the end of the 18th century. This marriage reunited the Pettigrew and Petigru branches of the family. In the years following the Civil War, family members tried to hold onto their patrimony, struggling to adjust to life in much-reduced circumstances. While the plantations provided the unifying focus of family life, each generation of Pettigrew men also participated in significant events beyond the local community. 

Charles Pettigrew served as an Anglican minister in Edenton, N.C., was the first bishop-elect of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina, and participated in the initial efforts to organize the University of North Carolina. James Johnston Pettigrew, unlike his brothers, spent most of his life away from the family plantations-as a student in Hillsborough and Chapel Hill; mathematician at the National Observatory; student of law in Baltimore and Europe; lawyer in Charleston, S.C.; representative in the South Carolina assembly; and brigadier-general in the Confederate Army. For more detailed biographical information, see the descriptions of materials in Series 1, which has been organized and described according to significant events in Pettigrew family history. Financial records document purchases for family and plantation use and educational expenses and include slave lists. Writings consist mainly of travel diaries, especially of James Johnston Pettigrew; some religious works; poems and acrostics by slave poet George Moses Horton; and other items. 

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Wrightslaw North Carolina Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities

Albemarlespeech.comOur practice provides caring, compassionate and sensitive Speech-Language Therapy services to children in Northeastern North Carolina’s seven county area: Pasquotank – Camden – Perquimans – Chowan – Currituck – Dare – Gates. Beyondlimitslearninginc.comProviding Developmental Therapy to children in the greater Triangle area of North Carolina. Child psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, testing for a variety of problems including learning disabilities, ADHD, personality and behavior difficulties, early admission to kindergarten and identifying gifted children. Ecac-parentcenter.orgPrivate non-profit organization providing information, education, assistance and support to and for families with children across NC, especially children with disabilities or special healthcare needs. Regionakids.orgParent to Parent program serving WNC. 

We provide support groups, educational workshops, information/resources and referrals to families of children with Developmental Disabilities. F.I.R.S.T., parent-driven resource center for families of children with disabilities, providing parent training, effective IEP writing and advocacy to help families become the best advocate. Garrchristianacademy.orgGarr Christian Academy has opened a Verbal Behavior classroom for children with Developmental Disabilities. We provide a 5 star developmental day center and individualized education & therapy services to children birth to 5 with developmental disabilities or mental health concerns. Socialsecurity-nc.comDescription of services: A disability rights law firm dedicated to helping disabled children and adults throughout North Carolina with Social Security Disability matters. 

Lindleyhabilitation.comCommunity Alternative Program service provider that provides services to individuals with disabilities throughout North Carolina. ABA Therapy services, advocacy services, case management and assistance in finding state and community resources to assist children and families of special needs children. Telability.orgTelAbility uses telecommunications to provide care to children with disabilities across North Carolina and offers education, training, and peer support for people who care for them. 

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