North Carolina Child Custody and Visitation

Wake Forest Spousal Support

The Raleigh Divorce Law Firm offers a full-service family law practice. Our attorneys practice exclusively in family law matters, including. Divorce: We can help you with all issues that may arise in your divorce, including property division, child custody, visitation, spousal support and child support. Child custody and visitation: We represent clients in custody and visitation matters that arise in the context of divorce, paternity and post-divorce matters, including modifications of custody and visitation, parental relocation disputes and other critical matters that impact the rights of parents and the welfare of children. Child support: We assist clients with child support matters in divorce and paternity cases. 

We also represent clients who are seeking a child support modification. Domestic violence: We represent clients who are seeking or opposing a domestic violence protective order. We represent clients in divorce cases involving allegations of domestic violence. Paternity: We represent unwed parents who have an interest in addressing custody, visitation and child support matters. Whether you want to adopt a new baby, a foster child or a stepchild, we have the experience to provide the knowledgeable representation you require. 

Order Modification: We can assist with changes to child custody, child support and other family law orders. To schedule a consultation with a Raleigh family law attorney at our firm, call 919-926-1943 or toll free at 866-319-9862. 

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Wills Attorney at Piekaar Law Firm

Meeting with an experienced wills lawyer in Raleigh is important for anyone, regardless of his or her age or assets. At Piekaar Law Firm, we know that no two families have the same financial needs or goals. Whether you need estate planning or help with wills in Raleigh, you’ll find an attorney at our experienced law firm committed to your legal needs. In Raleigh, many people create a will and then simply put it away in the bottom of their file cabinet. It’s important to hire an estate planning lawyer to help you write a new will or update your current Will, often referred to as a Codicil, as soon as possible. 

Carefully planned wills in Raleigh can help to ensure that your loved ones are left with a clear legacy. At Piekaar Law Firm, we want to ensure that any future misunderstandings are minimized and that your final wishes are conveyed. Comprehensive estate planning covers nearly every aspect of life, including wills in Raleigh. Meet with our wills lawyer in Raleigh, NC to create a plan to maintain and protect your legacy. Your final wishes can be conveyed and protected by meeting with a wills attorney in Raleigh, NC. 

Help secure the future and well-being of your loved ones by contacting our experienced wills lawyer in Raleigh today! At Piekaar Law Firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, we help our clients create wills to protect their family’s future. Our family law expertise ensures that you receive the representation you deserve. 

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My Journey to Pregnancy, Giving Birth at Age 50

Some people don’t believe me when I tell them that my daughter was a five-year-old frozen embryo and that I was 50 when I delivered her. What to do with two remaining frozen embryos left over from past fertility treatments. Like thousands of women going through infertility treatments, I had gone through years of treatments including IVFs and many others. The embryos were there – frozen in my fertility doctor’s lab. When I was 49, the office called and told me that the embryos remained frozen, and reminded me that I had one more year or the embryos would need to be destroyed. 

I thought of the embryos as part of me and just couldn’t give the order to destroy them. I drove across the state to my doctor’s office on a Friday to have the embryos implanted the next day. Well, that little five-year-old frozen embryo successfully implanted and developed into my daughter, who is now almost 15. Today most fertility clinics allow the donation of unused embryos to the clinic, or to an embryo adoption service. Increasingly, families are turning to embryo adoption to build a family. 

E. Parker Herring is a Board Certified family law specialist who has practiced in Wake County, N.C. for more than 32 years. The multiple adoption journeys of her own family and her personal experiences in fertility treatments continue to be the driving force behind her working in the areas of adoption and assisted reproduction. 

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Woodmansee & Szombatfalvy

With nearly 30 years’ combined experience in family law, Julie Woodmansee and Barbara Szombatfalvy have represented hundreds of individuals facing divorce. They bring a thorough knowledge of the law and years of practical experience to every client’s case, and they’re passionate about helping clients successfully navigate the difficult transition of divorce. They are also seasoned trial attorneys, effectively representing their clients in court when a negotiated settlement isn’t possible. Most people want to spend their funds wisely, avoid unnecessary conflict, and reach a resolution in a reasonable time frame. Barbara and Julie take a practical, efficient approach to solving problems, and they carefully evaluate options for cost and effectiveness. 

They use strong negotiation, mediation, and advocacy skills to help clients achieve their goals, avoiding whenever possible the need for expensive, time-consuming litigation. Julie and Barbara are devoted to client service, and they’re dedicated to the success of each client. That means taking the time to understand each client’s unique circumstances and being readily available to discuss developments and answer questions. It means explaining the legal process so that you can make informed decisions and know what to expect. It also means being up-front about fees and costs and honestly evaluating your legal case and your goals and expectations. 

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