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We aggressively advocate, support and educate our clients to achieve the best possible outcomes. Building on more than 15 years of family law experience, we empower our clients to become their own best advocates when they are experiencing legal issues. We are committed to providing individualized attention to each client we serve. That means we are with our clients every step of the way and are involved in every phase of the litigation and settlement process. We partner with a trusted network of professionals and experts to provide our clients the holistic services they need. 

Whether you are concerned about dividing a family business , how often will I see my children, or are wondering if you will receive spousal support, we can help you make informed decisions. Elizabeth A. Stephenson has devoted her adult life to serving the needs of North Carolina families and children in crisis. With a master’s degree in social work, she helped families by providing therapeutic services to children and families in need. Following her passion for helping victims of domestic abuse and the casualties of broken marriages, she chose to go into family law. 

With her extensive experience helping North Carolina families struggling with issues like abusive relationships, domestic violence, separation, and divorce, Elizabeth understands the emotional upheaval and stress that families facing separation and divorce may experience. She has expert knowledge of North Carolina family law with 15 years of practice in the field. Add to this her dedication to provide steadfast support and guidance to each and every client, and you have a compassionate, experienced, aggressive champion for her clients. 

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Living Trusts from Piekaar Law Firm

By creating trusts in Raleigh, you can control the age at which people receive distributions while providing for their health, education, maintenance, and support until they reach the age or conditions you specify. Speak with an experienced trust attorney in Raleigh to learn more about this valuable estate planning tool. Creating trusts or living trusts in Raleigh can help plan for your family’s future and offer you the peace of mind that you desire. Knowing your family home and other assets are protected can give you a sense of security as you enter your golden years. Revocable Trusts: In North Carolina, a living trust gives you’re the ability to transfer property to an individual while living while also permitting you to keep control over the assets during your lifetime. 

The grantor, have passed, the trustee who manages the trust can transfer property without the hassle and expense associated with probate. Irrevocable Trusts: An irrevocable trust is generally designed to permanently protect your assets and help avoid losing a portion of your estate to estate recovery or to taxes. With this type of trust, specific deadlines are necessary to ensure there will not be Medicaid ineligibility and/or tax consequences. Elder law is extremely complicated and always being updated. The knowledge and counsel of an experienced trust attorney in Raleigh can help you with the creation of trusts or other tools to better manage your assets and still qualify for Medicaid if necessary. 

Piekaar Law Firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, helps clients create trusts. Contact us to learn more! Our family law expertise ensures that you receive the representation you deserve. 

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Raleigh Criminal Defense & Civil Trial Attorney Wade Smith

Wade Smith has been one of North Carolina’s best known and most acclaimed lawyers for nearly 50 years. In Summer, 2009, Wade was be honored along with other lawyers from across America by Best Lawyers in America for 25 years of succession for inclusion in their list. In 2004 Wade was named by Business North Carolina Magazine as North Carolina’s number one criminal lawyer. After completing his undergraduate work and earning an A.B. in English, Wade attended the University of North Carolina School of Law, graduating in 1963. 

After his year as a clerk, Wade joined friend and fellow law clerk, J. Harold Tharrington, to found the law firm Tharrington Smith. Justice Higgins was a mentor to Wade throughout his formative years as a lawyer and, after finishing his years on the North Carolina Supreme Court, Justice Higgins joined Tharrington Smith, remaining with the firm until his death in 1980. Wade counts among his most important mentors acclaimed defense lawyers, Robert L. McMillan, Jr., Carl Churchill and Joseph Cheshire V. 

But Wade says he has learned the most from his brother, Roger W. Smith, a renowned lawyer in his own right. During the ensuing years Wade has tried dozens of cases before juries in federal and state courts across North Carolina and other states. In 1973 Wade was elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives and was reelected in 1975. Wade has been chosen for membership in many associations recognizing excellence in trial work. 

Wade’s work crosses many spectra, both civil and criminal. Wade and Ann have two children, Karen Linehan and Robyn Yigit Smith. 

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Compare Top Family Attorneys in Raleigh, North Carolina

Family law generally concerns domestic relations and family-related matters such as marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, adoptions, paternity, guardianships, domestic abuse, surrogacy, child custody, child abduction, the dissolution of marriage and associated issues. Each state has its own set of family laws, and traveling across state borders can sometimes affect your rights and those of your family. Contrary to popular belief, seeking the advice of a family law attorney does not necessarily mean that something is amiss in your family. A family law attorney can help negotiate prenuptial/premarital agreements for clients in anticipation of marriage or advise same-sex couples on relevant legal issues affecting their relationship. They also can help with adoption proceedings and other procedures involving children. 

Family law attorneys often do represent clients seeking a divorce, annulment or legal separation, and the complicated issues that can arise as a result. Although domestic abuse is a criminal offense, some family law attorneys are skilled at handling these situations, as they are often entangled with other family law issues. Some jurisdictions certify lawyers as family law specialists, which means these attorneys have met the certifying body’s minimum requirements for education, experience, and examination. No-Fault Proceeding: A civil case in which parties may resolve their dispute without a formal finding of error or fault. Paternity Suit: A lawsuit to determine the father of a child whose parents were not married when the child was born. 

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