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Meredith Nicholson, founding member, received her JD from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law in December 1999. She was admitted to the North Carolina State Bar in March 2000. Meredith worked for Legal Aid helping low-income clients with family law and disability issues before accepting a position as project manager for a death penalty research study with UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law Dean, John Boger. Meredith worked as a criminal defense associate with Kurtz & Blum for eight years representing clients in Wake, Durham, Chatham and Orange counties on misdemeanor and felony charges. Meredith is a member of the North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys and past president of the Durham Orange Women Attorneys chapter. She is past president of the Latino Affairs Committee at the North Carolina Bar Association and has been invited to speak about Hispanic criminal defense issues on radio and television programs devoted to Latino outreach. Meredith recently served on the executive board of the Women’s Birth and Wellness Center in Chapel Hill. Meredith co-authored a Spanish-English legal dictionary, Critical Terms in Legal Proceedings, published by the North Carolina Bar Association. She has also been a guest lecturer at the North Carolina Central University School of Law on domestic violence defense. More recently, she has served as an instructor in Mexico for Mexican lawyers and judges during that country’s transition to oral advocacy in their criminal justice system. Meredith commonly contributes her time and expertise to the benefit Hispanic criminal defense and LGBT issues on radio and television programs devoted to Latino outreach as well as to community groups.

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Joseph T. Howell, Superior Court Mediator, Family/Financial Mediator, based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Click your preferred date to send our office a Date Request form. Joseph T. Howell has experience in the following areas of Civil Law: PROFESSIONAL INFORMATION. Biographical Notes: Joe grew up in eastern North Carolina and has lived and practiced law in Wake County since 1985. He has litigated a wide range of cases in state and federal court as well as before the North Carolina Industrial Commission. Joe has tried to jury verdict personal injury, medical malpractice, land condemnation, construction disputes, and complex business dispute cases across the State of North Carolina, predominantly from the Research Triangle to the coast. His litigation experience also includes disputes before the North Carolina Industrial Commission, including workers’ compensation and claims under the North Carolina Tort Claims Act as well as the North Carolina Business Court. He now devotes approximately 30% of his practice to ADR. Joe has mediated and served as an arbitrator in a large variety of disputes since 1999 and attributes a successful track record in resolving cases to his experience in having actually tried the same kind of disputes to verdict. He believes that that experience is important in quickly reaching the core issues of a dispute so that the parties spend their time in mediation efficiently and productively. Joe was also recently certified as a Family Financial counselor and draws on his experience as a family law practitioner and Superior Court mediator in resolving those cases. RATES & PAYMENT INFORMATION. Rates: $195.00 administrative fee $195.00 per hour No charge for travel within 1 hour.

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Family Law « NCCU School of Law

Formed in 1996, the Family Law Clinic stresses the importance of a holistic approach to the practice of family law. Many times, clients face a multitude of problems and their legal issues may be the most minor of them all. The Clinic refers clients to the Center for Child and Family Health, which assists clients with a myriad of issues, such as treating and preventing child abuse. The Family Law Clinic is a one year program that combines the learning of practical skills, North Carolina family law, pretrial litigation skills, and practical civil procedure with supervised representation of live clients. Students will intern in the clinic and extern with local agencies or family law attorneys. A variety of matters are handled by this clinic, including emergency custody orders, absolute divorces, name changes, separation agreements, competency proceedings. Legal Aid of North Carolina partners with this clinic. The Family Law Clinic is unable to provide every person who is in need of assistance with legal representation. In an effort to provide those in need with the knowledge and confidence that they can in fact represent themselves, the File It Yourself Clinic and our family law TALIAS projects continue to be very active, not only in our community but throughout the state. Ms. Pittman was referred to the Family Law Clinic. The student attorney represented Ms. Pittman in an uncontested divorce hearing, and the client became a thankful first time home buyer. Supervising Attorney: Nakia C. DavisPotential Clients: If you need legal assistance, please contact Legal Aid of NC-Durham at 919-688-6396 for a referral to our program.

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Raleigh Child Support Lawyers

On the flip side, if the other parent is ignoring child support obligations, you may be under pressure to take action right away to get the money you need to raise your child. Pursuing retroactive child support paymentsIdentifying the tax benefits and penalties for different child support options. Our Raleigh child support law firm is dedicated to helping parents make it through these tough times. Schedule a consultation with our dedicated legal team today to discuss how our Raleigh child support lawyers can make a difference in your case. For a general estimate of child support you may pay or receive, we encourage you to use our Child Support Calculator. Whether you have custody of your child or not, you need to make arrangements for child support and stay informed about the circumstances that may affect your arrangement. Our dedicated Raleigh child support attorneys frequently help clients throughout the course of their arrangements to ensure their rights are protected. Although child support obligations generally end when the child turns age 18, those obligations may continue under certain circumstances. When presented with your child support claim, the court will calculate the amount by using the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. The court will also use a child support worksheet that is based on the type of child custody arrangement you have – sole, joint or split. To get an estimate of the child support in your case, use our Child Support Calculator. At Charles R. Ullman & Associates, our child support lawyers in Raleigh, NC, know the rights and protections that are built into North Carolina child support laws.

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