Temporary Restraining Order for Domestic Violence in North Carolina

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Methods of alternative dispute resolution include mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation, and collaborative law. Mediation and arbitration are the two common forms of alternative dispute resolution used in North Carolina family law. There are distinctions between mediation and arbitration as they apply to family law matters. In arbitration, the parties agree to submit the issues in dispute to an arbitrator instead of a judge, and the arbitrator determines the outcome of the issues in dispute, much like a judge. As with mediation, the arbitrator is a neutral third party who is usually a lawyer trained in not only arbitration but in the substantive law of your case. One of the benefits of arbitration is that the parties can jointly choose their arbitrator. Family law arbitrations are conducted pursuant to the North Carolina Family Law Arbitration Act. Prior to the arbitration, the parties enter into a written arbitration agreement that sets forth the matters in controversy that the arbitrator is to determine as well as the powers vested in the arbitrator pursuant to the Family Law Arbitration Act. Parties to a family law arbitration often opt for the arbitrator’s decision to be non-appealable in the interest of finality. Arbitration is conducted with some of the formality of court proceedings but the venue is usually the arbitrator’s office and the procedure is often more casual and relaxed. Not unlike mediations, arbitrations permit the parties to keep more of their private lives out of the public view. While the parties must pay for the arbitrator’s services, substantial economies can be realized as the parties and/or their attorneys work with the arbitrator in formulating an agreement to arbitrate that addresses scheduling issues and issues of how the evidence is to be presented.

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The oak-tree lined streets and historic buildings of Raleigh welcome visitors to the North Carolina capital. Raleigh forms the Research Triangle area with the neighboring cities of Durham and Chapel Hill. The Research Triangle, and the Raleigh, NC jobs it created, continues to attract residents to the area. The cost of living in Raleigh is 2.7 percent above the national average. The Research Triangle is one of America’s most successful high-tech and biotech research centers and a major provider of jobs in Raleigh, NC. People interested in research, engineering, and biotech jobs in Raleigh should look to companies like Biogen Idec, Syngenta, Cisco, Bayer CropScience, United Therapeutics and the institute that started it all, RTI International. The area surrounding the Research Triangle is also home to a number of prominent tertiary educational institutions, including Duke University, North Carolina State, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Wake Forest University. Wake County public school system provides more than 17,500 jobs in Raleigh, which makes it Raleigh’s second-largest employer. The high number of Raleigh jobs, substantial predicted growth and relatively low cost of conducting business led Forbes.com to name Raleigh the best place for business and careers in the United States. Raleigh’s economic prospects continue to impress, with recent job growth of 3 percent. The North Carolina capital is in for more good fortune, with an annual growth of 3.7 percent predicted for the next few years. These noteworthy figures led Forbes.com to name Raleigh the 25th best city in the country for job growth. With the city also claiming the title of the 12th best educated in the country, the future looks bright for Raleigh jobs.

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Your case will benefit from our extensive experience trying criminal cases in courts statewide. Rashad Hauter is a former Wake County Assistant District Attorney who has personally tried hundreds of criminal cases. As a Special Resource Prosecutor, Mr. Hauter traveled the state prosecuting cases of DWI and Vehicular Homicide. As an experienced Raleigh criminal lawyer, Mr. Hauter knows the courts and the legal system inside and out and is perfectly at home in the courtroom, where he is an aggressive advocate for the rights and interests of his clients. Call the Hauter Law Firm for strong, aggressive defense. The Hauter Law Firm is available to assist you with all your family-based immigration needs, including Green Cards, petitions for relatives, citizenship applications and more. He is an experienced Raleigh immigration lawyer who understands firsthand what it is like to be an immigrant and deal with U.S. immigration laws and officials. Let us guide you through the process and address your family-based immigration issue with compassion, sensitivity, knowledge and dedication. Help is Available When You Need It. Folks in Henderson know Rashad Hauter well as one of their own and come to him when they need help with a criminal defense or immigration legal matter. He is getting well known in Raleigh as well, based on his extensive experience as a Wake County prosecutor and now a reliable and effective criminal defense attorney. If you find yourself in Raleigh or Henderson with a legal need related to criminal law or immigration, perhaps you should get to know Rashad Hauter as well. Call the Hauter Law Firm at 252-226-6878 for a no-cost, confidential consultation on your case with a dedicated Raleigh criminal lawyer.

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