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Criminal Defense and DWI Lawyer Raleigh, NC

A criminal conviction in North Carolina can impact your life in a variety of ways, so it is in your best interest to reach out to a Criminal Defense or DWI Lawyer in Raleigh for help sooner than later. By hiring me to represent you, you will have a skilled Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney dedicated to protecting your interests. If you have already been accused of a crime, please reach out my Raleigh office today to obtain a free in-person consultation to discuss your case with a skilled Criminal Defense and DWI Lawyer in Raleigh. Chris Dozier is a practicing trial attorney in Wake County with experience in both criminal and civil courtrooms across North Carolina. After beginning his legal career practicing civil litigation defense in Cary, Chris joined the Wake County District Attorney’s Office. Thanks to his broad background as a Criminal Defense Lawyer and former Wake County Prosecutor, Chris is highly qualified to assist individuals accused of domestic violence, drug crimes, felony offenses, misdemeanor offenses, underage possession and consumption of alcohol, financial crimes, traffic offenses, and DWI. You need a North Carolina attorney who knows how to successfully handle your defense. Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney with proven results and experience in the courtroom. Over 500 cases tried in District Court and over 25 jury trials in Superior Court as both a Criminal Defense Attorney and Prosecutor. Experience handling hundreds of pre-trial motions in front of District and Superior Court judges as both a Criminal Defense Attorney and Prosecutor. Employers can even run a criminal background check before making their hiring decision, allowing a case from years ago to haunt your career future. In addition to providing a comprehensive defense for your case, you’ll also know what to expect. When working with a Raleigh Criminal Defense Attorney and becoming more informed about your rights, you’ll feel more confident about your case and reduce the chances that you’ll fall victim to common missteps.

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Child Custody Lawyer

Our Family Law attorneys provide contested and uncontested legal representation services for: divorce, separation, annulment, arbitration, child custody, visitation, child support, division of property assets and debts, and more. If you have a skilled Raleigh Divorce attorney, not only will the divorce lawyer fight for you in court or mediation, but the attorney can also ease the stress and be there to walk you through the process. The most typical legal issues that are addressed through the collaborative law process are: post separation support, alimony, child custody & visitation, child support and the division of assets and debts. It may resolve all issues relating to child custody, child support, division of property and debt, and alimony. All persons seeking an uncontested divorce or that have been served papers for an uncontested divorce should immediately seek the advice of a licensed North Carolina attorney. Divorce bars your right to file a claim for equitable distribution unless you have a pending claim at the time of the divorce. When parents cannot agree on custody arrangements, the Court will make a decision concerning custody based on what is in the best interest and welfare of the child. If a parent believes he or she will have trouble receiving regular child support payments, it may be necessary to ask the Court to order payments. A claim for child support can be filed at any time while the child is a minor and is always modifiable. A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two people about to wed that spells out what will be classified as marital property, how those assets and debts will be distributed in the event of divorce or death and typically whether or not post separation support or alimony will be paid by either party. Those claims include child custody, child support, spousal support, and equitable distribution. The Law Corner Divorce Attorneys in Raleigh can help explain the divorce process to you and help you with other divorce related issues in Wake County.

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Raleigh North Carolina Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else – or lost a family member under such tragic circumstances – you can turn to attorney Richard S. Hunter Jr. for caring, effective legal counsel. Whether you strongly believe you want to file a lawsuit or need help understanding your options, please contact our law offices for a free consultation. After any serious personal injury or accident resulting in death, it is important to act quickly and work with a lawyer who will give you personal attention. It is just as critical to find a lawyer you can trust – one who has obtained justice and sizeable compensation for victims in cases like yours. Cost should never be the primary factor in this decision. If we get you compensation for your injuries – which resulted from a car or truck accident a dog bite or tragic fall – you will pay attorney’s fees only if you win a settlement or verdict in your favor. In Rick Hunter, you will find a focused personal injury and wrongful death attorney with over 25 years’ experience, underscored by awards and recognition from respected legal associations and publications. A past president and longstanding fellow of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice formerly known as North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers A longtime associate of the American Board of Trial Advocates Perennially listed in Who’s Who in American Law since 1987 Featured in the Super Lawyers edition of Charlotte Magazine Listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. Equally important, when you meet Rick and our dedicated, compassionate staff, you will be heard, respected, and made the focus of our professional skill and dedication. We are well-prepared to assess your case and pursue justice, whether the opposing party is a drunk driver, negligent property owner or your own insurance company. We are experienced in demonstrating the full consequences of the most serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury, closed head injuries and spinal injuries.

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