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Family law issues can quickly become emotionally heated, complex, and intertwined. Hiring an experienced attorney to handle your family law matter can help you take heightened emotions out of decisions affecting divorce, separation, visitation, child custody, and child support, with the goal of doing what’s best for you and your family. The knowledgeable Raleigh family law attorneys of Kurtz & Blum, PLLC, have more than half a century of combined legal experience handling divorce and associated issues affecting families in North Carolina. We are known for being straightforward with clients about what’s ahead and crafting strategic approaches to family law needs. If handled incorrectly, divorce and other family law decisions can have many detrimental and long-lasting financial and emotional consequences. Contact our skilled Raleigh family lawyers today to schedule a consultation, and let us develop a smart strategy aimed at protecting the quality of your life ahead. Family Law Assistance We Provide. When necessary to protect our family law clients, we provide aggressive representation in hotly contested matters. We will conduct a full accounting of family debts, assets, marital property, and marital contributions to come up with a fair division of holdings. Because North Carolina has not developed clear surrogacy laws, it is crucial to work with a well-versed and creative family law attorney from the start of a surrogacy plan. Regardless of how amicable you think a divorce or settling of other family legal issues will be, you want to be sure the court’s final orders protect your rights and adequately address your needs, as well as your children’s. It is essential that you have an attorney with your interests at heart who thoroughly understands North Carolina divorce and family law and has the resources to help you make informed decisions. Our Raleigh family lawyers can negotiate agreements on your behalf or, if need be, litigate your family law case in court.

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NicholsonPham is a Triangle-based law firm founded by Meredith S. Nicholson and Milan T. Pham, a team of successful, female attorneys. NicholsonPham offers a wide range of legal expertise. NicholsonPham’s lawyers have been serving clients in the Wake County, Durham County and Orange County area for more than a decade. NicholsonPham provides criminal defense representation to clients in Durham, Orange and Wake counties charged with misdemeanors, felonies, assaults, larceny, underage consumption, drug and alcohol charges, speeding tickets, DWI, driving while. The business attorneys at NicholsonPham represent businesses by creating LLC’s and corporations, preparing partnership agreements and bylaws, drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts including commercial leases, contractor. The family lawyers at NicholsonPham represent clients during every stage of family life. Until the law provides equal protections for all families, NicholsonPham’s attorneys are dedicating their firm to pursuing, ensuring and advocating for the rights of LGBT individuals and their families. Whether you are an individual or business client, NicholsonPham prioritizes the importance of client service and excellent representation. NicholsonPham actively supports public service, civic and community engagement and pursues sustainability with every business practice. Located in the heart of Durham’s business district, NicholsonPham has pride in its deep roots in North Carolina and our local communities. Sharon Thompson, who now serves as of counsel to NicholsonPham, has decades of experience serving the community in civil litigation and is a pioneer in LGBT law and legal issues. NicholsonPham’s attorneys have more than fifty years of combined experience working successfully to resolve the legal issues of businesses, families and individuals in both civil and criminal matters.

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Fact: Most family law cases in North Carolina settle before they reach the courtroom. It is important to hire a family law attorney that is prepared to handle the matter in court as well, in order to ensure that the best settlement can be reached. The lawyers at Kirk, Kirk, Howell, Cutler & Thomas in Wendell and Raleigh provide skillful, responsive representation in every area of family law. Attorneys assume a vital role in the areas of child custody, child support, alimony and equitable distribution. A confident, experienced and aggressive attorney is critical to securing the most favorable outcome and providing a clear understanding of your legal rights and the complex laws applied to family cases. With Kirk, Kirk, Howell, Cutler & Thomas, you will always be represented by an attorney who is prepared to go into the courtroom. Our Raleigh family law attorneys can help you through your toughest legal challenges including: Reviews of Our Family Law Attorneys in Raleigh and Wendell I observed a friend at work who was going through a very sudden, difficult and scary divorce with an emergency child custody issue. Kathleen from Raleigh, NC. When retaining Attorney Kristen Booker for a sensitive personal family matter, I had no idea how wonderful she was going to be. I personally had not had to hire much legal counsel in the past, so really had no idea where to turn or what to look for in a firm or in someone who could represent me and my family. She took the time to hear what I had to say, how my family was being affected and she spent the time to truly help figure out what the right outcome was for my family. If the occasion ever arises again where I would need someone I could trust to represent me, Kristen Booker and her law firm would be at the top of the list. Contacting our law firm does not imply any form of attorney-client relationship.

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