Family and Medical Leave Act Lawyers in Raleigh-Durham, NC

If you work for a company with 50 or more employees, and you or a family member has a serious illness or medical condition, the law says that your employer has to give you time off and can’t fire you for taking that time off. The Family and Medical Leave Act is a United States federal law that requires large employers to provide their workers with unpaid leave for certain medical and family reasons. If you were fired or demoted after you took FMLA leave or if you have been denied unpaid leave, you may have a claim under FMLA. Our experienced FMLA attorneys can figure out whether you may be able to bring an FMLA claim against your employer. If you do have a claim, our FMLA lawyers can negotiate with your employer on your behalf, help you file a complaint with the Wage and Hour Division of the U.S. Department of Labor, and file a lawsuit against your employer if necessary. A nurse who was demoted after she took time off to care for her dying mother; A plant manager who was fired when he took leave after suffering a work-related injury; A worker in a food processing plant who tried to return to his regular job after he recovered from a serious burn injury but was refused; and. A bookkeeper who was fired while he was recovering from a back injury. Please contact our FMLA Lawyers if you believe your employer has violated the law. Our experienced Family and Medical Leave Act lawyers can help you understand your legal rights and the steps you need to take to protect your rights. We can also file a lawsuit if we think that it is warranted. Before filing a lawsuit, we often negotiate with employers to try to help you reach an FMLA settlement. If you have been fired from your job after taking leave, if you believe you are in danger of losing your job, or if your employer has told you that you may not take leave, call us or fill out an online contact form today.

Family Support Services

The Raleigh Police Department utilizes the following list of community agencies and programs. NC Victim Assistance Network H.A.L.O.S. A local support group for families and friends who have lost a loved one to homicide. The group will also assist victims, where court cases exist, with understanding the realities and procedures of the criminal justice system by offering knowledge and understanding obtained through personal experiences. Interact is a private, non-profit, United Way agency that provides safety, support, and awareness to victims and survivors of domestic violence and rape/sexual assault. The program is administered by the State Attorney General’s Office. The purpose is to ensure that perpetrators of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking cannot use the state’s public records to locate their victims. The programs serve two important functions; a substitute address and protected record services. A Center developed so that victims of domestic violence can have a safe place to bring their children for visitation with the offender or visitation exchange. Generally, the use of Time Together can be either court ordered through criminal court and/or during a civil 50B hearing or if both parties voluntarily consent. Learn more about Time Together Supervised Visits and Exchanges SAVAN. SAVAN helps victims of crime get custody status and court information about offenders. SAVAN automatically notifies registered victims of important events, such as release of an inmate or scheduled court events. The mission of the Wake County District Attorney’s Office is to fairly administer criminal justice in a professional manner balancing rights, interests, and concerns of victims, accused, and citizens of this state and to promote and encourage the creation and implementation of laws and programs which will further this goal.

Durham North Carolina Family Law Lawyer

A divorce is not just a legal proceeding; you also must become emotionally divorced and financially reorganized. Anger, sadness, fear and concern for yourself and your children, can combine to leave you feeling overwhelmed. At a time when level-headed decision-making is of the utmost importance, you may find yourself emotionally exhausted and feel unable to make even the simplest decisions. What you need and deserve is a strong advocate who will protect your rights and interests and help you plan for the future. For more than 25 years, Durham, North Carolina, family law attorney Martha New Milam has provided strong advocacy and sound legal advice to divorcing women and men. From your first meeting until your case is finished, she will be with you, helping you to make good choices for yourself and your children. A North Carolina Board Certified Family Law Specialists in private practice in Durham, Martha New Milam is a well-respected family law attorney, as well as a certified family financial mediator and a trained and experienced collaborative family lawyer. You are a unique person with particular issues that must be resolved so that you can move forward in life. As your lawyer, Martha New Milam will help you develop solutions that are uniquely designed to meet the needs and concerns of you and your children. Martha New Milam has had considerable experience representing clients in parental relocation cases and grandparents seeking legal custody of their grandchildren. With over two decades of trial experience, extensive mediation experience and collaborative law experience, Martha New Milam can help you select the best dispute resolution method to achieve your goals. Contact Durham family law attorney Martha New Milam by calling 919-805-3678 or by completing the online form.

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