Wake County Fraud Attorney

The law office of defense attorney Curtis High represents individuals who are facing North Carolina fraud charges, whether in a state or federal jurisdiction. There are many fraud-related statutes, and only an experienced and knowledgeable criminal attorney such as Mr. High can provide an effective defense for these serious charges. Like other states, North Carolina has dealt with fraud since the days when it was not yet even a state. Embezzlement arson obtaining property or signatures by false pretenses writing worthless checks defrauding an innkeeper exploiting an elderly or disabled person financial transaction card fraud deceptive advertising blackmail and extortion forgeryDefending Individuals Accused of Fraud. Banking fraud check fraud computer fraud identity fraud insurance fraud mail fraud Medicaid fraud mortgage fraudFighting the Prosecutor’s Allegations. In most fraud cases, the Wake County or federal prosecutor must prove that the accused individual had the intent to defraud someone, in addition to conduct that meets the definition of fraud. An arson investigator a finance, accounting or mortgage expert forensic computer analysts a private investigator insurance professionalsIf You’re Facing a Fraud Charge. If you’re facing a federal or North Carolina fraud charge, contact a fraud attorney in Raleigh today to schedule a private, confidential consultation.

The Law Office Of Robert Schupp

Shield your children from the most stressful aspects of divorce by turning to The Law Office Of Robert Schupp, a child custody law firm that approaches each case with compassion. Our lawyer is highly knowledgeable when it comes to the various facets of local, state, and federal child custody laws. Call me today for help navigating this difficult time in your life while keeping your children’s best interests at heart. Divorce is always a difficult process, but it becomes even more complicated when children are involved. Our lawyer makes the experience as quick and easy as possible, working hard to find the most effective way to attend to the needs of your children. Whether you think joint or sole custody would be best for them, our custody lawyers take the time to examine your case for the important details. When it comes to divorce, child custody can lead to a lot of arguments and negotiation. We are here to help make every step of the process go smoothly, easing the stress and burden placed on you and your family. Let us negotiate on your behalf, either at the table or in front of a judge. Call our child custody law firm to set up your first consultation to see what we can do to protect the safety and well-being of your children. Call me to learn about the wide variety of custody law services we provide. We are proud to represent Raleigh, NC, and the surrounding area.

Raleigh, NC Will And Trust Law

Turn to the experienced Will and Trust Lawyers to ensure the safety of your legacy and the well-being of your children by coming to us for any questions you have or aid you need in regard to will and trust law. Chambers & Ennis, PLLC provides clients throughout Raleigh, NC, with the help they need drafting airtight documents to either protect your assets while you still live or address their division when you pass. Contact us today to begin the process of drafting your will or trust with the help of a professional. Many people do not address the issue of drafting a will before they pass. This legal document is essential for addressing important concerns and ensuring your wishes are carried out to the letter when you die. Our team of will lawyers is here to help make things easier on your family after you leave. The lawyer you partner with from our firm guides you through every step of the process when drafting a will. We know exactly what language to use and what topics to cover when examining your estate. Contact us for help protecting your family’s future. We are proud to serve clients in Raleigh, NC..

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