Raleigh Adoption Lawyers, North Carolina

Who is not biologically your own in Raleigh, North Carolina you should contact a licensed. Of the adoptions in North Carolina start off at adoption agencies, each one of them will ultimately. Can make sure that your Adoption is not diverted. That the adoption is in the best interests of the child in Raleigh. Life in Raleigh Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and seat of Wake County. Raleigh is one of the three cities with Durham and Chapel Hill that’s known as the “Research Triangle.” It’s known as such because North Carolina State University, Duke University and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill make up the three major research universities. As you may imagine, Raleigh is home then to a number of students and outstanding professors who are known internationally for their expertise. You may not know that Raleigh also has both historical and cultural attractions. Raleigh is founded in 1792 and named for Sir Walter Raleigh who was a famous aristocrat and explorer. The Downtown region of Raleigh is home to lots of attractions like the North Carolina State Capital, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and Museum of History. For history buffs who want to learn more about the City of Raleigh, the Raleigh City Museum in the historic Briggs Hardware Building on Fayetteville Street offers a unique view inside the growth and roots of the ever changing city. Peace College, Shaw University, Wake Technical Community College, and Strayer University are a few of the institutions of higher learning available.

Flat Fee Divorce in North Carolina

Divorce is not only emotionally draining, but can be financially draining too. Several family law firms in North Carolina offer a flat fee divorce option that can help contain the financial expenditure in obtaining a divorce. During a flat fee divorce, a one time fee is paid to the law firm, usually in advance, and the attorney takes care of all the aspects from filing the divorce papers and other legal formalities till the order of divorce is passed. Flat fee divorce is possible in North Carolina because it is a no-fault divorce state. When conflict between spouses is low and both partners are looking at an uncontested divorce, a flat fee divorce proceeding is ideal. It is necessary that couples opting for a flat fee divorce resolve various post divorce issues like child custody and support, spousal support, division of property, and alimony through a separate legal agreement. Once the divorce judgment is final, certain rights are lost. To obtain a flat fee divorce, the couple must have lived separately for one year. At least one of the spouses must have resided in North Carolina for six months prior to filing for the divorce. The obvious benefit is that the financial costs of the divorce remain under control. Many times, the lure of an uncomplicated flat fee divorce pushes the non-cooperative partner to work harder at resolving disputed issues. We at McIlveen Family Law Firm offer flat fee divorce options for our clients.

Raleigh Personal Injury Lawyers

We are a valuable resource for people who have been harmed as a result of asbestos exposure. Having represented many individuals who contracted cancer as a result of working with or near asbestos in power plants, shipyards and other sites, we have a body of evidence from which we can work. In addition to handling asbestos claims, we represent workers who were injured on the job. We are dedicated to helping injured workers obtain the compensation they need. We pursue workers’ compensation claims and personal injury claims from negligent third parties. Our personal injury services are rooted in our commitment to obtaining results for our clients. Our extensive practice includes products liability, trucking accidents, wrongful death claims and other injuries due to another’s negligence. The complex nature of medical malpractice claims requires the skills of an attorney who has the knowledge and ability to handle them. We leverage our experience handling medical malpractice claims to help our clients recover the compensation they need. Whether representing individuals or an entire class, we have the experience necessary to take on these corporate giants and obtain favorable results. Whistleblower actions, also known as qui tam claims, expose businesses that are defrauding the government. Our attorneys are skilled in handling federal claims, including whistleblower actions.

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